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Crossed Fire by Kim BaccelliaCrossed Fire

Stephanie Stewart is a typical sixteen-year-old girl - she loves hanging out with her friends, going to concerts, and sipping mocha lattes. Yup. Just your average teenager . . . Except for one difference - she can see and talk to the dead. In fact, Stephanie helps dead girls who've been murdered or killed, cross over.

Just as Stephanie is getting used to her unique gift, her mom stumbles into some dangerous witchcraft that backfires and triggers similar abilities in Stephanie’s best friend Cura and nemesis Hillary.

Stephanie already has enough trouble trying to maintain a normal life between school and her cute boyfriend Dylan, who happens to have a supernatural talent all his own. But now she has to help her friend Cura and her frenemy Hillary cope with their newfound powers as well as cross over two murdered cheerleaders and battle an evil demon who wants to use Stephanie's supernatural strengths as a free pass to The Other Side. And she needs to do it all while still getting her term papers in on time.

She's definitely going to need an extra-large mocha latte for this.

Available at Amazon and Kobo.

Check out Crossed Out, the first book in the series!


"Fresh, lovely, and captivating. I loved the characters, their witty humour, and the engrossing plot. A 4-star read. I can't wait to read more from the author." - BookLove

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